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Halina, I think I took my first shower five days out with the collar on. Of course, with no plate I had the collar 24/7 for 7 weeks. Do change the pads after, and have help so you can support the head while they take care of the pads.

Hubby was in there with me the first few times, and I appreciated the knowledge he was there if I started to slip, though I didn't. The thing that was a hoot was trying to rinse without being able to tilt my head back. It's those little things you come to appreciate while you are in the collar :)

As for strengthening, please take it slow. You newbies ought to read my PT posts from October-November as I think I am the poster child for what you can do to screw things up by pushing too hard.

Halina and all you recent and soon-to-be fusion veterans, do NOT lift more than the doc okays for you. Especially when it comes to arm raising and curling exercises, you can irritate nerves you didn't know you had. You don't want to be like Mama Nanner, getting epidurals 10 months post-fusion because you did. :nono:

End of lecture :D

Nancy D-ACDF C6-7 on 6/7/02. Donor bone with no hardware

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