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My name is Mel and I come here every now and then to seek out support for chronic neck pain. I have a bulge c5/6 and one at c3/4 from whiplash 7 years ago, am 32. I have had 2 lots of facet blocks c5/6 that have helped over the last year and a half, yet still get headaches and neck pain. Dr's either can't diagnose where the pain is from, some say all psycological and a muscoskeletal dr recently suggested (based on my CT and MRI) I have a reversed cervical lordosis, whereby the neck is bending forward due to disc pressure on cord c5/6. This looks sensible and is the case in the pics. I guess it just sounds odd. I am having c3/4 facet blocks tomorrow to see if that helps head and upper neck pain. C5/6 shots got rid of arm pain and lower neck/ shoulder. Any thoughts? I hope all this made sense.

Mel "

Hello Mel,

I am a 20 y.o. male from Australia, and since I was twelve I have had chronic neck pain. It's been a big band of dull mild to moderately strong, sometimes strong aching around my upper neck, and since I was twelve I have been referred to and seen of my own will, many physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapist, a spine specialist, a pain specialist, and acupuncture, nothing even helped for more than a few days or a week, in fact almost nothing helped. I have had injections into my neck from my spine specialist, and it did not help (in fact it paralyzed half of my face temporarily on one occasion).

Last year my pain started getting worse, I started getting neuralgia-like shooting pains into my face, and very painful shooting pains in my neck, and also my shoulders have come into it.I had a follow up xray (I'd had an MRI in 2005 and it was normal), and my Gp has told me I have facet joint degeneration between C3 and C4, and degeneration on the side of the same joint, (I'm not sure what that area is called on the side of the vertebrae). I have very progressed Cervical Kyphosis, which is a straightening of the neck, and I think you are implying you have.

I have always wondered why my neck seems so resistant to treatment, why I cant sit down for very long even when theres not constant pain before it will start aching. Most people have not given me any diagnosis until this kyphosis and degeneration. But most people have degeneration and I had the problems long before. Kyphosis should not cause problems if it is postural kyphosis that is mild or moderate. I'm not pretending I'm a doctor here, but I have done my own research.

I noticed you said the doctors think is may be psychological. For them to say this, there mustnt be anything too bad, many people have these problms and dont have pain. I am NOT saying that what I'm about to say is definitely the case, but I strongly urge you to consider what the doctors said about it being "psychological". What they truly should have said is "psychosomatic". I found about psychosomatic pain recently, and have been reading a book called the "MindBody Prescription" (by Dr John Sarno). What you may have is "tension myositis syndrome". Since I now know that this is the root cause of my pain, my pain has decreased dramatically. Psychosomatic pain is not imagined or "in your head", it is a lack of oxygen in the muscles that can spread to many parts of the body, and the brain is what is causing it.

I dont personally believe you should have this arm pain. Your headaches arm neck and shoudlers is a widespread area for something like what you have said you have. I know how truly horrible neck pain is because I had it all through my teen years. It truly ruined my life. I urge you to consider this because it only requires you borrow a book from a library by Dr Sarno, or even just read about tension myositis syndrome. If you consider that, you may be extremely thankful like I am. Good luck with everything and I hope you have more relief from whatever you have done or find.

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