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Hi, I am new to this board and really could use some input and support. I am RN and was in MVA last June, hit from behind by an 18wheeler tractor trailer. Still have lordosis resulting from whiplash that hasn't resolved. Also, C3-4 & C4-5 show mild posterior sponylosis, C5-6 moderate sized central herniation, C6-7 small central disc herniation. Have had chiropractic care for mths with no improvement, recently endured 3 cervical epidural injections...not much relief, 4 days only. Now, they are finally putting me in PT with neck reduction exercises. Have had intense muscle spasms, neck and back pain...seems to be radiating more into arms and hands...first left side, now both. Loss of grip in R Hand, Pt is trying to reduce herniation. Have been experiencing bladder urgency since accident, thought it was urinary infection but came out negative. Just now are they associating possible correlation. Loss of control couple times...recent problems with bowel expertise is in Maternal Health and I am seeking input if any one has had similar experience. Saw NeuroSurgeon yesterday, she is recommending Anterior Fusion of C5-7, states there is 97% success rate. I have problems resting watching TV, sleeping and any reaching or bending over activities...very frustrating. Pt seems to think they can make better...but when they add certain upper back exercises it flares up even tired of muscle spasms and pain. I, also, have had Left Hip and lower back pain radiating down left leg when walking or driving, Neurosurgeon is the only one that found small herniation in L5 and referring me to PT for that body workout(smile). I am exhausted with upper body...but am looking forward to strenthening. Questions regarding bladder and bowel problems..not sure if this is connected...and now numbness running down further in leg to bottom of feet when driving. Contemplating surgery..big decision...!serenity1rst

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