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I am new to healthboard. Wondering if anyone can help me understand the results of an MRI I had done. I have had neck pain for quite some time and decided to see a Dr. for it. My physican ordered x-rays which showed nothing, so he ordered an MRI. He has since referred me to an orthopedic Dr. Here are the results of the MRI. (sorry its kind of lengthly) any insight would be helpful.

C4/C5 - broad-based posterior disc protusion which is essentric to the left of midline. As a result, there is complete effacement of the anterior aspects of the thecal sac and a mild amount of flattening of the anterior surface of the cord itself. The neural foramina appear adequate.

C5/C6 - more focal posterior disc extrusion which is eccentric to the left of midline. As a result, there is extrinsic pressure on the left side of the cervical cord itself. There is also mild narrowing of the left neural foramen. The right neural foramen appears adequate.

C6/C7 - focal posterior disc extrusion into the central aspect of the spinal canal. As a result, there is a severe degree of central spinal stenosis with associated cord compression. There is also narrowing of the neural foramina which is at least moderate in severity and slightly worse on the left than the right.

My dad seems to think I should be seeing a Neuro Surgeon rather than a Ortho surgeon.
Any info would be appreciated.

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