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Thanks for all your supportive responses; they're greatly appreciated. I've been dealing with a roller coaster of emotions since visiting the NS on 3/31 and now have to weigh my final decision on his busy schedule vs. my own. I'm not looking forward to surgery but if it's the only solution for me, sooner is better than later so I can get on with life and get rid of this pain. Not to mention wanting to beat the six month mark for better chances of nerve recovery.

The problem is the surgeon's office says he probably can't fit me in for at least a month (been waiting since Thursday a.m. for them to call me back with a date), even though the man himself told me it would be only 2-3 weeks if I decided to do it. That was one of the few things I remembered to ask because it took me a month and a half to get in to see him after my doc made the referral. If a month or more is truly the case, I may have to tell them "thanks but no thanks" and put it off until fall when my kids start their next school year. :( The thought of the pain progressing for several more months has me pulling my hair out, but I can't see any other option for me.

If taking time off from a paying job were the issue I'd have no problem saying "see ya" at any date for as long as it takes, but stay-at-home moms don't get days off... period. Other than my husband who's busy working, I have no family or "support system" to speak of up here, so I need to be able to care for myself as well as my kids on pretty short order. I can't be in
bed resting and taxi-ing three boys to Little League at the same time. Nor can I see myself recovering peacefully while playing referee to every brotherly squabble that erupts during the L-O-N-G summer vacation. Sadly,"Mom" tends to be at the bottom of the food chain around here despite how I'm feeling, and my sons are at the ages (7, 10 & 11) where fights quickly turn loud and physical.

On the upside, when I do get scheduled the ACDF will be done with donor bone and plating (NS's decision, no options) so I shouldn't have quite as much downtime. That much is good, because no matter how often I explain, "I'm sorry, I can't do that right now", I'm still the one who ends up crawling around under furniture searching out the lost hat or glove before the school bus arrives, or reaching up to the top of the cabinet for something out of the youngest one's arm length, etc., etc., etc.... :round:

My apologies for another long-winded post, but I get the feeling you guys can understand where I'm coming from whereas my family, even after five months of watching me grimace, doesn't quite understand my frustration. I can't complain, though, because they are my whole reason for being these days and I know life could be a lot worse. I lost both my parents and my father-in-law to cancer, so I've seen what real suffering is. Give me pain over sickness any day and I'll keep counting my blessings. :angel:

Take care, everyone!

Lisa J.

Oh and BTW, the doc who talked about paralysis also told me the surgery was "no big deal" and some of the people he knew from the hospital were back at work the next week. Yeah...right. That's small town health care for you. [img][/img]

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