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BDW, if you have any doubts about your voice, or just to leave no stone unturned, would you consider seeing whoever it is that specializes in voices? It's always tough to be one of those unusual patients, and if this is your doc's first difficulty, perhaps it's best to also check with another authority.

Sherry, I am not numb much under my chin, but under my navel (above the incision site) from my abdominal surgery. Now at 9 weeks out, most of the numbness is gone, but I have heard from women who report greatly varying amounts of time that it took for their numbness to go away- like from 3-4 months to a year.... or never. I hope yours goes away with time.
wr :wave:
ps: I'm trying out my new signature, so I hope I did it "write"

[*]12/29/89 C5-6 Microdiskectomy (no fusion)
[*]4/9/03 ACDF C3-7 with plating and donor bone

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