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I thought I might start a new thread or two. The other day I thought someone here was in Miami, until I realized that the Miami JTO is a brace, and a big one at that. Then there is the Aspen. And of course, the soft cervical collar, which you can even buy at the store. Those are the only ones I know.

What types of collars are you in? How does your doctor decide which to use? I'm assuming you have to be measured and fitted for the hard collars? How long are you all supposed to wear yours?

I'm not sure which I'll have, but he said I'd be in a hard collar for 6 weeks, as I'll be plated at three levels.

Thanks for your answers.
I had the soft collar for sleeping after the second night. The Maimi J I wore for a week. It's an awesome collar as far as collars go. It has to be fitted for you, but it too had washable pads and was easy to use. I used it for a week or more (the more was me not the doctor) and I also used it when in the car, for my personal paranoia.
The Miami JTO is an evil mean sick brace that covers your entire neck and chest and who knows, even your knees. Barb123 wore it and her story is a nightmare, until she took control and took it off. Found new doctors, etc...
She's a dear and you really should go back and read her posts if you want to feel "collar good"...
The plain old Maimi J is what I recommmend to anyone. I also had a philly collar, that I woke up in. They let me take it home and my collar man cut it up so I could use it in the shower.
Didn't need to wear a collar in the shower, but again, I was so paranoid that the glue on my neck was going to pop open and my hardware was gonna come falling out of my throat. When you don't know what to expect, it's a riot what you mind will do for you.
So, please don't be afraid, us old hats did that for you.

ACDF fusion (c5c6) with titanium plate and screws using donor bone -
September 4, 2002.
I kept thinking about what they would put me in, so I just called the doctor's office and asked. One person said he often used the Miami-J. But the secretary who would probably know more was more evasive and merely said I would probably wake up with a collar, and yes, it would have extra pads. It sounded like I would wear it day and night.

I absolutely loved your comment about your (Blue) Marlin collar! I'll bet you were quite fetching in it! The part about the extra set of pads sounds like very practical advice, which is why I asked. Seeing as it's getting hot here in Florida, I wanted something I could change after I get out of the pool. :eek:

Philly, it must have been nice to get out of the collar at night. Or did you find that it was better to wear it 24/7? [img][/img]

Debbie2, thank you for your comments about the Miami J. That certainly helps my frame of mind! But then you said this: "...I was so paranoid that the glue on my neck was going to pop open and my hardware was gonna come falling out of my throat." Yikes! I'm sure whenever I take off my collar, I'll be thinking of that! [img][/img]

Sher, I'm sorry you did not get much support from your family and friends for your surgery; they cannot know what it is to walk in your shoes. I think even though they disagreed, they should have been there for you. I hope things are better now. Certainly many more people have found out that you had it done. At any rate, we're always here. Isn't this board a Godsend? I'm planning on being here a few more months, at least. ;) Actually, I'm telling everyone. [img][/img] That way I'll know I can't back out without a really good reason. Thank you for your support; it's invaluable to me.

Hi Barb! So you're the infamous one with the JTO! Sounds a bit like a car, and I'll bet you probably felt as if you were wearing one, too. But a corpectomy? Isn't that where they remove the vertebra? I'm coming up blank on good websites for that. But I hope you're feeling much much better now and are able to get out and move around.


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