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Hello you friends in the know.
I am just wondering if the raised incision line needs help in dissipating?!
Still a bit swollen. Friends & family are certainly in unision with their " oh it looks great" "Can hardly tell!!" spiel!! come on........I look like I was the winner in a knife fight!!
Although I have no pain in the incision sight~~ when I touch it, (not often) cause it gives me the willie's,
i feel a raised pipe cleaner type insertion along the scar. I am willing to apply "stuff" to it to mimimize the scar, ( insert Carly Simon song here)!!
but, I am not wanting to damage the healing process.
any thoughts!!??
Also, while I am here, can any of you veteran's relate your telling's on prescription withdrawls?!!
I have certainly been taking much less since the first part of my recovery, but am still relying on a few doses a day of Percocet, & valium @ night.
Both of these I know can be highly addictive, & quite honestly I do not have the time to be on another healthboard site to aleviate a new problem!
Any insight...........
Hoping everyone is either pain free or will be soon.
With lotsa love & laughter,

ACDF C6-7 with doner bone & hardware April 2/03
L2-3-4-5 Dec. 1985 Complete Success!!!!

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