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Hi Dee,

Welcome to our little family. :)

I don稚 know that I can be of much help answering your question because my docs have yet to be any help to me. Apparently my pain level and the symptoms described below are not enough to warrant surgery...not that I want to go there...but I just wish my docs would at least take me serious enough to tackle this constant pain...and I do kinda worry about permanent nerve damage. But that痴 my docs (not very helpful ones)....and that痴 my area (Canada) me...I知 sure you will have better luck with your docs in the States.
I知 47... I have DDD...3 levels affected in the lumbar.... central spinal stenosis at L4-L5 ....disc protrusions...tear...etc..see signature...and foraminal stenosis at 3 levels in the cervical spine....Between 1993 and now I have had numerous flare ups. These flare ups would usually last from 1 to 3 weeks, increasing in frequency. Starting Jan.2002...things got much worse... I have been in pain all day every day... varying types of pain and to varying degrees. I am experiencing pins and needles (most particularly my right leg from the knee to my toes), aching and weakness in my legs and in my hips. Occasional drop foot. Sitting for long is out of the question, on my worst days I can稚 even go 5 mins. Standing for too long can also become more painful. Love to walk and normally I知 fine, but occasionally walking causes the pain in my back to get worse 2 steps 末 stop due to excruciating shooting pain up my back :eek: 末 few more steps in barely bearable pain 覧 stop shooting pain :eek: 末 etc. This has happened a few times. Pins and needles in legs when squatting. Lying down is most often the most comfortable but lately and occasionally in the past it is still painful. (although still better.) Pins and needles and/or what feels like mild vibrating in legs often when lying down. Occasional RLS. Pins and needles in legs periodically when sitting... muscle twitches when lying down. Occasional pins and needles on the right side of my face and twitching of the right eye. Also experiencing pins and needles in my arms from the elbow to my fingers now constantly when lying down. Now experiencing frequent pain and burning pain across shoulders and neck....Occasional weakness in arms as well... I think I remembered everything.

Have you tried researching online?....There is a ton of info out there...I found that the more I read and learned the more my fears were eased....and of course these guys were the best find of all.

What symptoms are you experiencing?

I wish you all the best with your neuro appointment...please let us know what happens.

Take Care, :wave:

[*]Sept63,fall on back on stairs,compression fractures of T6 and T8
[*]1993 X-ray Diagnosed DDD
[*]Nov,2002 MRI C4-C5 posterior osteophytic bar effacing ventral thecal sac, stenosis of neural foramina.C5-C6 posterior disc protrusion effacing VTS. Stenosis of neural foramina.C6-C7 posterior disc herniation effacing VTS.stenosis of neural foramina.C7-T1perineural cysts in both neural foramina.left convex scoliosis mid thoracic spine.wedging of T7. wedging of T5.degen.end plate changes at T8-T9. L4-L5 diffuse disc bulge effacing VTS.hypertrophy of facet joints,central spinal stenosis.L5-S1 posterior disc protrusion with associated tear of annulus fibrosis. hypertrophy of facet joints.S1-S2 Perineural cysts involving S1-S2 nerve roots.
[*]So far have tried: meds,physio,acupuncture all to no avail.

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