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I had an MRI done by an ENT 6 mos ago to look for "major" problems that were all ruled out. I have been suffering with lengthy episodes over the last 11 years that look like this in a nut shell:

-start with severe neck pain at base of skull
-nearly constant headaches that are sometimes migraine like
-serious physical activity can worsen the above two mentioned
-heat sensitivity
-dizziness and what I call "bouncy vision"
-unsteadiness and imbalance that lasts for months
-trouble swallowing at times
-tingling/numbness in my legs and feet
-difficulty speaking or slurring my speech at onset of episode or when I have bad neck ache/head aches

My question it possible that they could have overlooked Chiari Malformation when looking at my MRI or possible that the type/quality of MRI they performed would not show the signs of Chiari Malformation?

Thanks for your help

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