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Typing is difficult when I canít see the keyboard. Browsing is much easier.

Throat is not too sore, except upon waking, but then the Popsicles & Fudgsicles are great at clearing that pain up.

I canít find a good position on the bed. I find a position/combination of pillows that seems good to start with, but then I have awoken now a couple times with extreme numbness in both hands & then when I get up I have severe burning sensation across the top of the shoulder blades. I find that I have to walk this off; best position for hands is tucked into the belt at the front of my robe. Also have twice awakened to feeling the bed shaking, to find the shaking originated from me! Whatís up with that? I donít think it is shivering, butÖ..????

Oh, I sweat a lot while sleeping, but my temp is normal. I have been told itís the drugs.

Was able to remove the bandage yesterday. I have a nice horizontal cut, which seems to be healing well. I also have two blisters & two areas of raw skin near the incision. I covered the blisters & raw skin as contact with my collar causes extreme burning sensations. My aunt, the nurse, brought me some cream for these & says that they will clear up in a couple of days.

Other than that, not too much pain. Of course I am taking the pain pills:
20mg oxycontin every 12 hours.
5mg/325mg Roxicet 1 to 2 every 4 to 6 hours as needed for severe pain
500mg methocarbamol 1 to 2 every 6 hours for severe muscle spasms.

Best place is the lazy-Boy, that is until my ass goes to sleep. :D
I need a small pillow just for the very top of my head, where the skull extends beyond the brace. But the Lazy-Boy is great, I am so glad I got it. the arms give my arms great support, holding my shoulders up in a neutral position.

I can sit in my office chairs, but the arms are too low to use to support my shoulders comfortably.

Time to sit in my Lazy-boy for a while.


Cervical myelopathy with frank cord compression from bony impingement.
22 Apr 03 C5 corpectomy, a C4/6 strut graft with allograft bone, titanium plate

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