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More things I have learned / Observed:

When you put your Miami J collar on, snug it up, not loose like they did mine at the hospital! I do not mean too tight, but as tight as you can comfortably take. It takes me 2-3 adjustments from when I put it back on after getting cleaned up to get it right, but it is well worth it!

Keep those arms below the shoulders!

winged phantom; you are a genius.
The idea you have about supporting your head.
I have taken to putting on a cotton scarf, some old army surplus stuff I have, before laying back to nap/sleep. I just drape it around my neck/collar with the tails hanging down in the front. When I want to get up I gather the ends in one hand, take up the slack and hold my fist to my chest when I go to get up, no fuss no muss.

I had a lot of company yesterday so I did not get any naps in yesterday. As a result I went down for a snooze about 9pm last night, got up for a bit at about 1:30am, butt was sore from the recliner having setup some while I was sleeping. (Talk about a pain in the ass :D ) No neck pain or burning on shoulders. I walked around the house for about 15-20 mins sucking on a Popsicle, and then watched the end of a great old movie that was on TV, the dinner scene from ‘The Thin Man’. Then I went back to the recliner, made sure I was all the way back this time. And slept till 8am. Again used the scarf and no neck or back pain. I got up walked around for a while, got to get some exercise, with another Popsicle (they are great for my throat as it is only really bad upon waking) Thought about staying up, but decided to take advantage of the quiet and went back to the Lazy-boy & woke at noon. WOW A relatively pain free night. (and this after I have resolved to save the Roxicet for really bad pain, so I started to use Tylenol yesterday afternoon as part of my pain management regimen.

The incision is good. The blisters & raw spots around the incision are healing well.

One of my visitors yesterday was one of my grand nieces, the quiet/shy one. she is 4 years old. (new people or unfamiliar situations tend to spook her, then she hides behind Papa (my brother)) It took me a while, some joking, a little tickling, a fudgsicule and one of my Trix Yoplait cherry yogurts, but she opened up and started talking asking me about the Miami J Collar & why was I wearing it & why & why & why…………………………..(once you get her going she is a chatty one)

Well I feel the tightness coming on in my neck & back as I am looking down too much to type. (Pain: the body’s way of telling you to “quit it”)


Cervical myelopathy with frank cord compression from bony impingement.
22 Apr 03 C5 corpectomy, a C4/6 strut graft with allograft bone, titanium plate

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