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I had a ACDF c5-6-7 in October 2002. After my surgery pain was worse so I switched Surgeons and I was sent for a myelogram. I read several web site to gather information and after reading them was scared out of my skin and totally stressed out up until the actual day of the test. Here it is step by step. Ask the Neuro-radiologist if you can take a mild sedative to calm you down. I was told no on the phone and when I got there I was told I could. So I downed .05mg of Xanax. They take a complete series of x-ray prior to the test. Then they lay you on your stomach flat and numb the area where the dye goes in. You feel a tiny pinch no PAIN.(again NO PAIN) He then inserted the dye and I did not feel a thing. At one point I actually saw the dye going in my spine. I had a great Dr. doing my test. They have to tilt the table so the dye goes to the cervical spine. Only at this point I felt pressure on my lower spine (could be from prevoius laminectomy l4-5 adhesions) and slight pressure in my head. I was told to tell the Dr. if and when I felt a headache, so I did and he asked how bad it was. I told him I could take it cause it really wasnt that bad. Then they tilted me further down and the headache got a little stronger. They worked fast and I told them to hurry up. From the horror stories I have been told I was wating for a super duper headache. The test was then finished and Yes, I did have a nasty headache. They took another set of x-rays. They transported me to the CAT SCAN and did the test. By that time I was so tired, stressed out (over nothing) and My headache was full force. I was then sent to recovery and watched for 2 hours. Within the first hour my headache was completly gone. They gave me lunch and I was driven home by my husband. My lower back gave me more problems than anything else, but I cant blame the test entirely due to my lower back problems. If I had to have this test again I would have no problem with it. Mabey it was due to the sedative, so Ask . I was also told nothing by mouth after midnight but was told I could take my PAIN MEDS!!!! You figure that one. I wish you luck and hope your results are good ones. I now have to have a posterior formainotomy at c6-7 due to fusion site and bone spurs that I never had prior to surgery. Make sure the place that you are having this test is highly qualified. The test cost is $5000.00 not inculding the radiologist fees, hospital fee etc. Total should be around $7500.00. Thank GOD I have insurance. I had the test at Staten Island University Hospital and I would recommend them to anyone seeking a myelogram/cat scan in that area.
Best of luck to you.

ACDF C5-6-7 2002

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