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Hi all,
I am posting this early as I am hoping to get some reply's. I have my 6 week post op this week, and was told by NS that he would put me on physical therapy then. I have to get an X-ray, and I know it is dependent on the fusion process. I do feel like I am up to it. Just wondering if everybody went through it. At what time post op? For how long? What are your personal experiences? Also my voice is really coming along pretty good. I would say at least 60% better, but it does fall off to a whisper sometimes. Should I insist on seeing an ENT for a diagnosis? Anybody with long term voice problems? I know NS is going to say wait it out. I hope to return work around 6/1. My job is fairly physical and I need my voice. One other question. Too many I know. How long after surgery were you allowed to use pain meds that are job legal, Vioxx, Bextra? I asked for them at the 3 week, and NS said it would interfere with fusion. I know you probably can't answer all this stuff but some feedback on what you can will help. Hope all are doing well.

ACDF C6-7 with plating and donor bone (3/28/03)

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