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Hello All,

Well here we are, a little over a week after getting home from the hospital. I too am bored out of my mind. Part of my problem is that I don't like codeine-based drugs and of course my pain medications are oxycotin and Roxicet. So my sleep has been all mess up. I put movies on to watch but seemed to fall asleep while watching most of them. Yet come early wee hours of the morning and I am wide-awake. Thankfully tomorrow should be the last day of the oxycotin. Then maybe I can get a full 6-8 hours at a time.

Yet as I ***** about the drugs I should say that I have been overdoing it. When I take it easy I have a relatively little pain. But I am so bored and finding jobs to do all over the place is so easy, that wonít take much, Oh and that I can do too, then the burning across the shoulder blades reminds me to take the easy. Typing on the computer is one of the things it causes me problems. So, I bought a speech recognition program for my computer and I am trying to teach it and me how to make it work with a high percentage of accuracy. LOL The speech recognition software seems to have come along way in the last couple of years but still has a ways to go yet. But still it is kinda cool to play with.

I was very lucky with my throat as it only bothered me for a few days. I have become very bored with canned soups. Even though I do not have any throat pain, I find that I still need to eat soft food. Also food that is in small bites. I find that food sometimes seems to be stuck in my throat so I always have plenty of water at hand to wash it down.

I am having a little problem with my collar, the skin on my chin & neck that is in contact with the pads is itchy and dry. I have taken to tearing up old tee shirts to put between the pads and my skin. This has greatly helped the itching problem.

I know that I over did it today as I have burning it in my shoulder blades as well as pain in my neck tonight. One of my nephews and his friends were a here today to do some landscaping for me so I was around walking all over outdoors today generally picking up & moving too much. Oh well, Iíll pay for tonight, hell am paying for it now.

The recliner is still the best-spent money I ever spent. I still cannot sleep in the bed but the recliner is fairly comfortable. Speaking of which, to my recliner I now go.


Cervical myelopathy with frank cord compression from bony impingement.
22 Apr 03 C5 corpectomy, a C4/6 strut graft with allograft bone, titanium plate

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