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Re: Memer
May 7, 2003

Sorry I didn't see this post. NS ordered the LS-spine MRI. I'll have it tomorrow. I'm praying that all my disks there are in great shape. I have wondered myself about the neck surgery affecting my legs since I never had a problem with my left leg until after surgery. NS explains that lying in one position so long can cause a disk to herniate in the LS-spine. Other docs/people have said that doesn't sound right. Anyway, I'll have the MRI and hope to God that it shows everything to be where it should be and then go from there. It's sounds like you were in way worse shape than I was before surgery. Basically, all I had was neck & arm pain, some tingling in the arm, and shooting pains with head movement down both arms. The shooting pains have not recurred since surgery, and neither has the tingling. I now just have pain in the neck and arm and the new leg pain with numbness. I hope you are getting better. I realize how lucky I am when I read about those of you who have trouble walking and using your hands.



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