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Hi OsteoMom,

Welcome to the board. I have cervical spondylosis (arthur in the neck) and lumbar DDD. I hang out here too.

I was injured at work(twice)and am going through all kinds of testing and procedures to find out what is actually going on with me. I haven't had surgery, but someday I may need to.

I have learned a lot on this board and enjoy it very much. I have been out of work since March of this year.

Take care, Jaz [img][/img]

01/27/03 Cervical MRI:

C3-C6 straightening of normal cervical curvature.
C2-T1 mild central spondylosis without significant stenosis.
C3-C4 broad-based spondylosis and bulging with mild to moderate flattening of the anterior epidural space.
C4-C5 broad-based spondylosis and bulging eccentric to the left with mild to moderate compression upon the anterior epidural space.
C5-C6 spondylosis with a broad-based protrusion with moderate compression of the anterior epidural space.
C6-C7 mild central spondylosis and a small midline protrusion with minimal flattening of the anterior epidural space.

03/28/03 Myelogram/CT.

04/02/03 Lumbar MRI:
bulging disc L4-L5, DDD.

04/24/03 Brain MRI.
(WC probable findings "No Brain")

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