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It's interesting how people jump down your throat for asking a question on a forum, which is supposedly frequented by others with similar problems! Of course I spoke to my surgeon, but I was wondering if anyone else had also had this happen.

I am nearly a year out from my surgery and I never experienced this again, so was definitely a one off - a scary one off!

In terms of my recovery, I felt pretty bad for a few weeks then slowly started to feel better. I feel like a new person now. I still have the odd ache in the back of my neck and have had very minor issues with small amounts of pain continuing in my right arm, but it is NOTHING compared to what I was like pre surgery.

I thought I was never going to be able to work again. I am back working (in IT) and just ensure that now I take breaks way more often and move around a lot more during the day. Never again would I work such long hours without breaks. I am certain that was the cause of my neck/arm problems. I take being comfortable at my desk very seriously, use ergo equipment (keyboard and mouse) and regularly see my massage therapist to loosen any muscles that are tight from sitting at a computer at work.

This was a very scary op for me to have, but I'm glad I did it, or I doubt I would have ever felt normal again.

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