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Well the demerol and valium "was" working great. I asked to get off everything except bextra, and POW!!!! The first day of PT went good (Mon). I had a good PT. Told her about my shoulder pain and she went right to a knot in my shoulder blade. She did make it feel better, but more pain today. She gave me excersises to do. I called Doc back and asked for the flexeril (muscle relaxer) he offered me to begin with, I felt like an idiot. Flexeril is supposed to be non habit forming. Hopefully the Flexeril, Bextra and PT will help. Is this muscle spasms? Sure does feel like the same old pre- op pain, and it does go to my elbows sometimes. NS also has me lined up for muscle injections from PM doc. New to me? Trigger point injections? I guess I just have to get used to having pain. I have read alot of similar stories, at this 6 week point on the board. Maybe this is just a hump some of us have to get over. Hopefully.

ACDF C6-7 with plating and donor bone (3/28/03)

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