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Oh I would so love to do some shots, but I'd have to drink them with a straw ;)
I had a herniated disc at C 5-6 that was flattening the spinal cord. I developed a lightheaded-dizzy type feeling from it. I didn't get any of the burning in the face though.
NS didn't really tell me what to look for, but I know he was concerned about loss of bladder/bowel control, which I didn't have. Things started in my hands with pins and needles in left fingers first, then right. Then my right leg got weak and heavy. Then my left leg got cold sensations. I developed the dizzy type thing, had balance problems...nothing others would notice, then my last symptons was my index finger on my left hand swelled and when touched in certain spots it burned. It was 7 months from the onset of my symptons until I had surgery.
The length of time spent in a collar varies from NS to NS. I'm in a hard collar for 2 weeks. I had a fusion with donor bone and plate.


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