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[QUOTE]Originally posted by liz777:
[B] I am becoming addicted to this board!!
Anyway, soreneckman (great name) congrats on your surgery. As I mentioned-my dr recommended this surgery to me as well-same one you had.
My question is what can I expect? My brother told me I will have it and get a band-aid on my neck-he is obviously mistaken.
I have a 2 year old. Do I need someone to care for her?
I have a townhome with three levels of stairs-will that be difficult or chould I check into the Ritz??!!
And finally...How long will I need to wear a collar and when can I drive again? I forgot to ask these important questions at my last visit because I was still in shock abou the news!
Anyway-would love to know all of the details of your surgery and healing!!!
Thanks so much for sharing your story.

It sounds almost exactly like my situation. When the doctor told me that I needed the operation I was so shocked that I failed to ask alot of questions. Even in subsequent visits I didn t really ask too many normal everyday questions.. Driving, walking, soft cast etc: The bandage was a piece of gauze with waterproof covering over some steristrips.. The steristrips were changed right before I left the hospital with a new bandage. While in the hospital they had a drain with a hose coming from my incision but there was very little drainage.. I stayed overnite although I have read and heard stories of people staying for 2 or 3 nites. The dr recommended that I remove the bandage after 3or 4 days and then take the steristrips off after 7 days.. It is now one week later and I am a little apprehensive about removing the steristrips.. it looks a little raw under there yet.. Mabe I ll wait another day.. About the driving thing my dr said it was ok after about 4 or 5 days But I think he is a little more progressive than most Drs.. he wasn t even planning on giving me a soft cast.. he said it wasn t necessary that because I was all plated and screwed I didn t need one. I requested a soft cast and he relented only after saying it wasn t going to help other than to remind me to take it easy.. In that regard it did help because without it (disregarding the continuing pain in arm and upper back) I would have forgotten about the surgery.. My incision feels fine and I have gone out for a few minutes each day to keep up my strength.. Can t let the boredom win you over
Re:Childcare You have to get someone to at least watch the toddler (2 yr old) for a few days maybe 3 or 4 days. I felt great after the surgery but even I wouldn t have been able to chase after and care for a baby. Maybe after a week you could be able to start caring for the baby full time again. You can plan for that eventuality by setting up things around the house before the surgery ,diapers, clothing changes, food, what have you. Its been so long I can't remember.. Hahaha Everything will work out fine .. Oh stairs I don t think you ll be able to negotiate the stairs for about 2 days Only because of the nervousness regarding your neck .

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