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Re: Joanne
May 24, 2003
Sorry...Sorry....Sorry....Iím okay....well Iím hurtiní, but Iím okay, really....I did post to Holly
(about the facial pins and needles) quick on Thurs, but then I had to go out for a couple of hrs...when I got back I was hurtiní too much to sit long so I read a few posts quick to be sure everyone was okay, then hit the couch for the night...Last night Laurieís parents were given a party in celebration of their 50th anniversary...Ken and I took care of things at the store so she could attend the renewal of the vows at the church and the party 9:00 Laurie picked me up, we locked up the store, and then we returned to the party together...apparently Iíve been adopted by her family so therefore I was expected to attend...A good time was had by all...unfortunately I, being the foolish one that I am, at the end of the evening....with only us few stragglers about...having resisted all evening... could not resist dancing to a couple of really good tunes...not a good plan after being so sore the night before and then putting in a full day at the store and night at a DUH!!!....but it was fun at the time...So I got home around 1:00am to find DH passed out in the computer chair...well trust me...once heís out thereís no waking him I figured Iíd rest up my back on the couch for awhile and hope heíd wake up and go to bed...well that didnít I couldnít post last night...then although Laurie tried to talk me outta it... I did go to the store today...she could tell I was hurting when I was dragging myself into the truck grimacing and groaning...ícourse, then I smiled a big smile and said ď ya doiní this morniní Ē ....Thatís when she suggested I take a day off...but like I said to what... Iím supposed to sit at home in pain thinking about it all day....Iíd rather be at the store doiní a little bit here and there and talking to people etc...helps keep my mind Iím still hurting all over...still having the hip/ leg/feet and shoulder/arm/hand symptoms etc...etc...etc...but Iím fed up with having no Iíll just keep going till I canít...then Iíll rest up and start over again...I just canít imagine going the next.. how ever many yrs it takes for my back to fuse on itís own...if ever...just barely living my life...Iíll continue to try and be careful...but Iím not just going to sit or lay around here waiting to have a life...there is just way too much to miss out on...

Sorry I made ya worry :( .... You guys are so sweet...You always make me feel all warm and fuzzy ;) ... Thank you so much for caring and for your constant support, kind words, and of course all the smiles and laughter...May I reiterate....YOU GUYĒS ARE THE BEST!!!!

Love Ya!!!
Joanne :wave:

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