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Re: Neurontin
May 21, 2003
I have to agree with the foggy head issue. I was on the computer yesterday and couldn't remember how to spell the name of my company(represented for 16 years). I actually had to look at my letterhead. Never had that type of problem before Neurontin!
Instead of being the multi-tasking woman, I find myself walking into a room and just standing there wondering why I am there. Kinda frightening.

Before Neurontin, my nerve pain was unbearable and I couldn't sleep. I guess if this is the only medication to treat this problem, I will have to deal with the head issues.

I didn't see a 60 minutes story on the medication, but would sure be interested in hearing about it. My doctor thinks that I should just stay on it, as long as it reduces the nerve pain.

C3-4 through C6-7 disc herniations, three with cord contact.
C2-C7 Severe right facet degneration with significant forminal stenosis.
C5-6 & C6-7 Severe spondylosis

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