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I am currently awaiting an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion on my cervical spine, due to herniated discs at c5 to c7, canal stenosis, and impending spinal chord compression.
I started having problems back in 2007, and each MRI I have had, has unfortunately shown things as getting worse... There was a mix up with the Neuro Dept, and I was discharged, and was recently seen around 4 weeks ago, and told, from the scan I was discharged with a year ago,actually shows, I needed this surgery, the scan is now 15 months old, so I have had another one done, in the past week, which I am awaiting the results on....but, although the Consultant knows my symptoms have got worse (I have bad problems walking on uneven ground, I stumble a lot, and have balance problems) I have also become very clumsy with my hands, lose sensation in them, suffer with pins and needles a lot etc etc)...

But since my appointment, I have been getting more worrying symptoms in the past week, (I cannot get an appointment to see my GP until 28th of this month) and my MRI results aren't due back with the Consultant for around 2-3weeks, so I won't get any answers from there... I just wondered if anyone on here, may be able to help me out.
I have developed, terrible sciatic pain, and as weird as this sounds, it came on 6 days ago, when I was drying my hair!!! I turned my head to the left, and and when I went to get up, this awful pain, in my left buttock travelling down into my leg came on, I thought it would pass, but it has got worse and worse, I am having terrible problems now getting off a chair or moving in bed, and when I first get up, walking is very difficult too, the pain is excruciating, I am taking Gabapentin and Tramadol aswell as paracetomol for my neck pain, and it is not helping at all with this new pain.. I am using heat, and ice packs, resting and doing gentle exercise, but nothing is helping at the moment. Last night, when I was sitting on my recliner chair, my legs felt like they were lifting upwards, even thought they weren't moving at all, it was the weirdest sensation, I lost feeling in them for a few moments, but it came back, of its own accord... I have also been experiencing more sharper pain in the base of my skull/neck, and pain in both forearms, (not an ache, actual pain).
I just don't know if it could be connected with my neck, or if it is connected to something else. Any ideas would be gratefully received.
Thank you for reading my post.

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