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Hi everyone :wave: Sorry I haven't posted in so long -been busy, went back to work (new job, more hours). Been feeling very fatigued (could be my Epstein-Barr). Also, my leg symptoms have gotten a lot worse -in addition to weakness and tingling, I now have a lot of pain. It's all up and down my right leg - sharp shooting pains in pelvis and buttocks, pain in thigh, shins so sore and all around my ankle aches. Not all at once, the pain seems to travel from day to day and vary in intensity but these are the areas I feel it. Lately when I'm walking, I get sharp pain and I feel like my leg is gonna give out. I get spasms in my lower back upon bending or lifting.

I saw my surgeon yesterday who took a look at my x-rays. The bone is starting to fuse so that's a good thing but now he wants to send me for another MRI, this time on my lower back. He also prescribed two pills to help relax me bacause I was like a lunatic the last time. Not that I'm claustrophobic, I was just worried about all the hardware in my back (you hear stories).

I'm feeling kinda down about everything now - I am now almost certain that the disc in my neck was not causing my leg symptoms (not that I regret the surgery, which I obviously needed). I'm just worried that it's something else now.

When it rains, it pours, I guess. :(

1982 Fusion surgery for scoliosis with stainless steel Harrington Rod (T5 - L3) using pelvic bone for grafting
1999 Neck problems began
2001 Cervical Kyphosis
2002 Diagnosed with Epstein-Barr (level was 7+) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
2003 3 Herniated Cervical Discs - C4 thru C7. One disc (C5-6) pressing on the spinal cord (no nerve root compression) causing leg weakness, tingling, burning and numbness - diagnosed with myelopathy and ACDF recommended.
2/24/03 One-Level Anterior Cervical Discectomy with donor bone and titanium plate (C5-6)

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