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Well, I had ACDF C5-6&6/7 in March 2002. In February I hit my head on the ceiling which caused a stinger in the arm that went from the neck to my fingertips. After this I have been getting a lot of pain in my left upperarm (same area as before surgery).

Went for my one year checkup and the orthopedic doctor had me go for an MRI. After he looked at the results of the MRI he indicated there was C3-4 which showed a small central disc protrusion causing some central impression into the thecal sac. No contact upon the underlying cord seen. The MRI also showed some artifact from the plate and screws.

The surgeon recommended I go through some PT to build up the muscles in the neck to hopefully support the discs. I started PT and the therapist told me she was unsure if the pain in the left arm was from the neck or a shoulder problem. She recommended I go to an orthopedic person who handles shoulders.

I had an appointment with the shoulder guy today and he indicated xrays did not show any reason for the pain to be caused because of a shoulder problem. He indicated based on his exam he thinks the pain is from a compressed nerve. His suggestion was that I go to a spine doctor for treatment if the pT does not relieve the pain.

My problem is I had my original surgery 8 hours away from where I live now and really want to stick with that surgeon. The shoulder doctor says he can fix me up with a good spine doctor where I live now but I am just up in the air as to what to do. Please give me your thoughts on what you think I should do.

I do know if I needed more neck surgery I would go back to the original doctor but don't know what to do about getting all of my records if I decide to go with a doctor here for his opinion or non-surgical treatment.

Sorry this is so long but I just figured I needed someone else's opinion on how to handle this.

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