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Through this episode the breathing has been the main problem but now the pain is worse. Both arms have shooting pains and every swallow is very painful. The swallow problem wasn't happening at all before. The arms are getting worse - I just keep telling myself that more time is needed to complete the healing. Did others have more pain 3-4 weeks after surgery? Are there just bad days then improvement?

I'm going to Florida July 14 for my mother's birthday. My five other siblings and their children will all be there so I will not miss! I plan on bringing my brace and wearing if necessary and doing whatever else I need to be more comfortable. I've already called the hotel and requested 8 pillows!

I'm scheduled to see a Pulmonary Doc in 2 weeks. Got on the list in case of an appointment cancellation so maybe earlier.

1968 Chronic pain since car accident - fractured neck and back vertebrae,
broken ribs, concussion
1968 ‘Bells Palsy’ - on/off for over 30 years - now considered facial nerve damage
1976 Fibromyalgia (fibrosis then) diagnosed chronic pain
1984 Back surgery – Laminectomy L4-5, 5-6
1993 Car accident - rear ended neck problems increased
1993 Breast Cancer
1995 Breast Cancer again
1995 Car accident - rear ended neck problems increased
2000 Total Hysterectomy
2002 Stroke due to brain lesion left temporal
2002 Craniotomy - left temporal Cavernous Malformation
2003 5/19/03 Emergency Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion and Plating C5-6 and C6-7
NS said more neck surgery would be needed

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