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Thank you all so much! Your responses have been very helpful. I called my NS Friday and expect some call back Monday. He's not good at responding but I will keep calling until he does! I'm usually not an alarmist about any pain or issue but since I didn't have ANY throat pain since the surgery and suddenly I did I was concerned. I can talk myself through anything so I just considered it HEALING PART II but I still want a response from the NS.

The pain in the arms is definitely nerve pain – the sharp, shooting pain we all know so well. I did have a combo of nerve and muscular pain in my arms the first week then they got much better. Now fingers tips are numb and arms are very sore again. I’m not over doing it so…. I guess I just have to ride it out.

Sorry for the dramatic ‘signature’. I’ve never liked thinking of everything all at once or it becomes overwhelming. I deal with the issue then move on trying to balance my Ying and Yang! I do think though that I must be feeling somewhat worn out. Last weekend we were at a restaurant and my tooth cracked. This alone wouldn’t have gotten to me but I started to cry. It wasn’t the tooth, which is easily fixed, but I must be just a tad exhausted.

I did see my NS last week. He told me that I will ‘eventually need more work’ on the old neck as my vertebrae’s are ‘crumbling’. I did have a dream that snap-on vertebrae’s were available – rather like LEGGOs. Hm-m that sounds very promising! The baby boomers need these!

1968 Chronic pain since car accident - fractured neck and back vertebrae,
broken ribs, concussion
1968 ‘Bells Palsy’ - on/off for over 30 years - now considered facial nerve damage
1976 Fibromyalgia (fibrosis then) diagnosed chronic pain
1984 Back surgery – Laminectomy L4-5, 5-6
1993 Car accident - rear ended neck problems increased
1993 Breast Cancer
1995 Breast Cancer again
1995 Car accident - rear ended neck problems increased
2000 Total Hysterectomy
2002 Stroke due to brain lesion left temporal
2002 Craniotomy - left temporal Cavernous Malformation
2003 5/19/03 Emergency Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion and Plating C5-6 and C6-7
NS said more neck surgery would be needed!!!!

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