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My two previous subjects both indicated 'increased pain' after surgery. EEK! I must clarify so this isn't a source of fear for people pending surgery. I meant that the pain AFTER the surgery was minimal at first then I experienced some bad days. I didn't mean that the pain BEFORE the surgery was worse AFTER the surgery. No way! Overall the pain I've had for years has lessened immensely - the intense pressure and screaming pain are now normal healing pains after this type of surgery.

I also read of people's fear of the surgery - very valid but my experience was that I should have had this done years ago and wish I had. I had been seeing a very busy NS for over 3 years. After many MRI's that showed very serious stenosis and herniations he finally called for an emergency ACDF (an emergency after three years?). All along my neck was bad enough for surgical intervention and wouldn't have gotten any better without it. He didn't suggest surgery (5/19/03) until 3 weeks before it was scheduled. After the surgery he said that the calcium build up in C5, 6, 7 was the size of large knuckles. Obvious this had been going on for years. I feel that I was on a very long pain trail that could have been shortened with this surgery. I’m not suggesting that this is the answer for all. For years I did the chiro, massage, acupuncture, and medication route and hung on but finally reached a complete saturation point.

My thought are with anyone pending surgery, anyone in pain and unsure and all the other great people at this site. My fear before this surgery was calmed by the many strong responses from you all. I thank you!

1968 Chronic pain since car accident - fractured neck and back vertebrae,
broken ribs, concussion
1968 ‘Bells Palsy’ - on/off for over 30 years - now considered facial nerve damage
1976 Fibromyalgia (fibrosis then) diagnosed chronic pain
1984 Back surgery – Laminectomy L4-5, 5-6
1993 Car accident - rear ended neck problems increased
1993 Breast Cancer
1995 Breast Cancer again
1995 Car accident - rear ended neck problems increased
2000 Total Hysterectomy
2002 Stroke due to brain lesion left temporal
2002 Craniotomy - left temporal Cavernous Malformation
2003 5/19/03 Emergency Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion and Plating C5-6 and C6-7
NS said more neck surgery would be needed

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