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Amy -

Welcome to our rag-tag band of rebel fighters. :) I've had a 2 level ACDF at C5/6/7 and was confused, too. 9 months post op, I got an MIR that shows what you have as well, at C5-6. I feel my surgeon owes me a free second surgery, but I don't know if I want him near me with a sharp object again. If you stand normally, with your arms down to your sides, with your palms on your hips, the outsides of the tops of my arms from the shoudler down to about 2/3rd of the way down to the elbow just ache. Not a sharp pain, but I'd swear that I row a Viking boat every night.

Mel, I've got a question for you. I've looked at Dermatome maps and thought that the Cervical nerves deal with the arms, hands and necks. And you guys say that you are having leg problems. And you think (or know) this is related to the cervical? I've always thought my leg problems came from my lumbar, but after this cervical surgery, my legs were very shaky, but I thought it was because I spent 9 days 23.75 hours a day in bed each day. Can you tell me about how cervcial affects the legs? Also, I'm interested to know if the cervical affects the...., well let's just say that girls don't have one. I'm getting embarrassed. But I am curious. HELP!?!?


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