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Hi, I am new to this board so please bear with this long explanation of history.

Post-surgery symptoms: pain - neck, shoulder, down arm to elbow, shoulder blade (all left side), tingling and numbness- same areas including left side of face and both hands (mostly left) vision: problems in the very beginning-fuzziness, spots, also headaches and dizziness

Broke down and saw PCP 6/27/03

2/2003 (Eight months later) found out I had a herniated disk at C5/6 and there were two nerves being pinched, one on each side, Surgery was scheduled for 4/23/03

During the eight months I saw 2 Neurosurgeons, 1 Neurologist,1 Orthopedic surgeon, 1 Pain Management Specialist and 1 Physical Therapist.

I had MRI of brain and cervical area, CT w/contrast of cervical area, 2 epidurals for pain, short try with TENS and traction and myelogram (which finally pinpointed problem).

My social life became nonexistent and I resigned from my job of 21 years in Oct. due to inability to work a regular schedule and difficulty with extending leave without a diagnosis.

Surgery 4/23/03 - Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion - Titanium plate - surgery completed by a Neurosurgeon and an Orthopedic Surgeon (attached plate) - NS told husband that it was worse than what he thought (not sure what he meant)

Post-surgery - As of today, 6/18/03 (8 wks. post-op) I am still experiencing the same and some new symptoms:

Pain at the base of my neck is constant, when walking the pain will go from the base up the back of my head and over to my forehead - this is not like typical headache pain - it is sort of a tingling type of pain - also at these times, I have frequent periods where I feel a real hot and flushed feeling from my shoulders up

Pain in the left side of my neck and shoulder, down my arm to my elbow (all the way around arm) - often burning pains in neck and top of shoulders (both left and right)

Numbness and tingling in left arm from shoulder to fingertips (hands get particularly numb)

When sitting, I occasionally have a quick lightening bolt feeling go through my body ending in a quick jerking motion (anywhere in my body)

Still sleeping in recliner - I have tried to sleep on couch a few times - but usually too painful

MRI was scheduled in mid-May, but due to claustrophobia, I was unable to go through with it (which I had warned them ahead of time).

I had a myelogram on 5/22/03, which came out okay.

I had an EMG on 6/17/03, but do not have the results at this time.

I have an appointment with my doctor on 6/20/03, which will be the first time since surgery. Iím hoping he can explain what is going on.

If anyone has experienced any of these symptoms and/or maybe able to shed some light, that would be greatly appreciated.

4/23/03 - Anterior Cervical Discectomy w/Fusion C5/6 - donor bone with titanium plate, 4 screws, no collar post-op

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