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It;s nearly 1 am here and I can't get comfortable. Can't sleep. I tried ice earlier today. Didn't help. I have one of those microwavable heat pack thingies so I nuked it until it was hot, used it. It seemed to help temporarily.

I've tried to massage my neck and shoulders. I've even attempted some exercises for it. Nothing's helping.

I'm already on Neurontin so I took it around 9 pm hoping it'd go ahead and make me sleepy since I didn't sleep good last night.

The only way I am even semi comfortable is if I am sitting straight UP in bed. Not flat. Not propped up on pillows sitting up either. I mean just I finally just sat up with no support.

It's pain, it's pressure. Headache. I know this sounds crazy but I even feel pressure in my face. Like a tighness in my face.

I know it doesn't make any sense but at 1 am, nothing makes much sense huh?

I really got to find a way to get a new doc and new MRI asap. If I have to beg, borrow and steal for it. It needs to be done.

I would think though if the disc was herniated, I'd be in severe pain with other symptoms. I mean, I'm already in severe pain but the only vague symptoms I have is some transient numbness in my ring and pinky finger on my left hand. Some pain in that left shoulder but I can deal with the shoulder pain.

Am I the oddball here or do most of you with neck probs have headache and facial pressure/pain? I think I just may be losing my mind!

My only alternative is to go to a clinic here where they base everything on income. They have lab and xray stuff. I don't know how much just plain view films would help me at this point. I need the repeat MRI.

I honestly don't know what to do at this point.

I need some relief and I need some sleep as well. I know it's not right to take anyone elses medicine unless it is prescribed for you but my step dad has some muscle relaxers. Parafon Forte is what he has. Not sure how good it is or anything like that but at this point I gotta do something. Somethings gotta give.

I'm ready to just break down and cry right now and if I do it's only going to make my head hurt worse.

Sorry for the huge rant and whine here. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm feeling though.

Thanks for listening.
I am also having terrible head pains since surgery (approx 9 wks ago). I didn't have this prior to surgery. The pain is a tingling pain that begins at the base of my neck and runs up the back of my head and over to my forehead. My scalp is really tender. My NS said that it is because the muscles, ligaments and occipital nerve were stretched during surgery and it will take time to heal. It hurts when I'm still but really gets worse with movement. It's really difficult to lean my head back against my pillow when sitting, which is how I have to sleep in a recliner. I've been taking Neurontin (2400 mg day), Baclofen, muscle relaxer (60 mg day) and Vicoden 10/500 every 4 hours as needed. This is not working and have called NS a few times along the way, including yesterday about changing meds. The only thing he did was to call in a rx for Ambien to help me sleep. Tried it last night, it doesn't help. I don't know what the answer is. I just wish the NS did have to go through this so he would know how we feel.
Signed, Sleepless in Indiana

AKA: Julie

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