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I've asked you guys before for advice, and here I am again! Here is what my March MRI said:

Scoliosis of cervical spine. Severe degenerative disc C6-7 ,spondylosis,and positional cord impingement ventral cord, which is flattened. C5-6: Mild central disc protrusion with central positional cord impingement and concavity ventral cord.

I've had this for 5 years, slowly getting worse with each MRI. The physical therapy I had in march helped the neck pain, but my hand numbness continues, off and on (tingling, numbness). Because the numbness also acted like carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve problems, I had an EMG to determine if it was due to that, cervical proglems, or both (double crush syndrom). Surprisingly, EMG came back negative to everything! My neurosurgeon wasn't all that surprised, but said another way we'd tell is for me to wear wrist splints for a month and take anti-inflammatory. I've been doing that, no change. Again, numbness comes and goes.

My pain is better and intermittent. I've never had the pain shooting down my arms, but I understand that the numbness, hand/arm weakness, clumbsiness is almost a greater cause for concern. I seem to walk "funny", it's more of an effort, and wonder if it's my imagination! I'm having some leg/hip sensations, also. These symptoms haven't worsened over the last few months, but also haven't improved.

Long story short (too late): I see my dr. on the 11th for a recheck. I have done conservative things (therapies, meds, Neurontin) for years. Still the radiculopathy persists. He suggested surgery once, saying I'm "borderline" for needing it, but the nerve problems make it more of a consideration. (He's very conservative, thank goodness) Since the numbness isn't TOO BAD, pain comes and goes, and I'm used to it, do I keep on waiting till it gets worse? I don't want permenant nerve damage, but I sure don't want to look like a fool agreeing to an ACDF when I'm not feeling all that bad.

I'm so confused, and don't know what to do. Please help me!


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