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Hello everyone. I had ACDF C5=C6 donor bone and plate last friday. I feel remarkedly well and am not sure what exactly to limit myself to. What the docs thought was a small herniation causing compression was actually a fully blown out disc with multiple compressions. naturally I feel better now, but think I may be feeling too good. The onnly problems I seem to have is some shoulder pain amd what feels like muscle cramps in left upper arm and of course the wonderful "brick lodged in throat syndrome". I have been on alot of meds for several years for chronic pain and trying to get 6 pills down 3 times daily is a bit rough/ I don't not have post op visit until the 21st and I want to make sure all is well then as I am flying to Ohio the 30th. What limitation did ya'll have 1 wk post op? i am not planning on any yard work or heavy lifting but would really like to start doing something to cure the boredom. Well as you can tell from this post it is 3:30am so sleep didn't work to well tonight, but i have taken myself off the narcotic meds so I am going to try and wait it out.
Thanks for any help you can give me


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