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Mel333 mentioned checking into occipital neuralgia. Funny coincidence, I have been doing that. Since my surgery on 4/23, I have had terrible pain at the base of my neck. It run up the back of my neck over to my forehead. I can't hardly lean my head back against my pillow sometimes from the pain. My scalp is also very tender. It is like a constant tingling, numbing type pain. I also have the numbness in the left side of my face. Sometimes, the pain really pulls in my eyes, like a bad migraine. I mentioned this to NS and he said that during surgery they have to move muscles, ligaments and nerves, including the occipital nerve, and that it may take sometime to heal. I'm just wondering if they could have damaged the occipital nerve. It's hard to understand the sites I'm reading, but I'm still researching.

AKA: Julie

4/23/03 - Anterior Cervical Discectomy w/Fusion C5/6 - donor bone with titanium plate, 4 screws, no collar post-op

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