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Hi Tim, I havenít been around for awhile. I have been staying down with my other daughter every now and then as I have been feeling a bit yucky (she runs our family music school and canít come here). She sent me to have a CT scan the other day (kids!) and then went to the doctors yesterday for the results. Things aren't that good. I thought a lot had changed more recently because of all the headaches I have been getting and the pain was all the time. The doctor had to give me 2 block needles in the back of my head. (not nice) They were to block the occipital nerves on either side. Needless to say I feel a little strange and haven't slept at all with a lot going through my head at the moment. The report says my neck has ďseverelyĒ (donít like that word) degenerated since the last operation which isn't good and now the disc and endplates have as well. That has also resulted in kyphosis and rotational scoliosis. As well there are upper cervical facet joint problems at C3 and C4. This has all happen since the operation as well as my other problems so no wonder I have been feeling different to before. Doctor has said it will never get better only worse, so I need to think the best plan of action.

I am feeling quite surreal about it all a little like I did when they first told me about the cord compression, sort of numb and not really knowing what to do. I really don't want a fusion so I can't move my head from side to side, I think the stick with a ball look will cramp my style. :0 They also did an Xray and 3 of the vertebrae C5 C6 C7 have move forward with spurs and are pushing into the back onto my oesophagus (that's why my swallowing has been getting harder). He also explain it maybe the reason why my fatigue levels have changed and I get puffed easily because my anatomy has been changing and everything is pushing down. But he is only the doctor not the specialist so I will wait until I see the Neurologist on the 10th. (Mind you, he explained everything a lot better that the specialists do...and it made more sense). The specialist will probably order the MRI and that is when I will most likely have to do some planning for the future.
I do hope all is going better for you Tim and please donít take what has happened to me will happen to you as like I said in the beginning not all things are the same. Some are similar. How are things with you? I could really relate to you when you said in your last email about your posture. I canít tell how many people have told me how lovely and straight I stand. But like you, it is because of pain.
Anyway, thought I would keep you up to date. It is that time to go again. My daughter is coming soon, she wants me over there again. It is nice to be wanted. Take care, Roberta. :)

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