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A few answers, please remember everyone is different and I can only answer for myself. My pain is in the incision and in the muscles. I also have pain from my nerves being trapped for over five years, strange burning, shotting pains that go away quickly but surprise the heck out of me. The pain in the incision is just because it has been cut and any cut will hurt. I have no collar post op this time but I found I have more muscle pain when I used a collar on my last fusion. There are weird bone pains that come and go also. Please realize that the doctor was in moving everything around and it may take time for everything to settle. My throat/voice is very sore this time but last time I had very little sore throat. The doctor will supply you with pain medicine that will help all of these symptoms.

Incisions are usually 3-5 inches average. My first was about three inches and this one is about five inches. He had to o extra work this time so that is why Ihave a larger incision.

My first fusion I stayed one night....this one I stayed two that varies also. I think the insurance companies like you to stay one night but your doctor has the final say on that one. :)

They will have you up walking within a few hours after sugery.....and yes, you will be getting around fine at home. Watch you step on stairs...they are sometimes hard to judge.

My neck is deformed because of the swelling.I had extensive work done and my swelling looks really bad. Deformed is a good word for it. It gets better every day. I am not sure about being deformed in the rear view....but I know the front view is all different shades of bruising and not so pretty.

I hope I answered some of your questions, please remember that everyone is different and you may ask 10 people and get ten different answers, this is just from my experience.

Good luck and God bless!

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