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Re: ACDF info
Jul 11, 2003
I know it was my job that caused my problem - in 1998 I went to a neurosurgeon and he ordered an MRI - it showed slightly herniated disc at C3-4, broad base herniation at 5-6. Said not bad enough to do anything about it. Sent me for PT which did not help and then sent me for acupuncture (this helped) until I lifted a box at work off of a four drawer file cabinet two years later. Tried the acupuncture again and trigger point injections but they did not do anything.

Pain I had both times was in the neck, shoulder blade and upper right arm, with some loss of strength.

Went to an ortho spine doctor who wanted another MRI but insurance company would not pay for it until I went back for more physical therapy for 12 weeks. At the 8th week the physical therapist called my neurosurgeon and said the pT was not working and he was able to get the insurance company approval for the MRI. Showed discs 3-4, 5-6 and 6-7 were herniated.
Was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.

In February of 2002 he told me when the pain got worse to give him a call. At that point I asked how much worse and he asked me to describe my pain level. I told him three out of five days a week I drive home from work in tears because I don't think I can sit for another minute. He said I should have been into him long before this and he scheduled the surgery.

I had surgery in 3/2002 on 5-6 and 6-7 and the surgeon also told me it would not be the end of my surgery that I would need more in the future. He said he did not know if it would be one year, two years or 10 years down the road.

I was hoping for 10 but I tried in February of this year to raise the roof of my house by using my head (not intentionally) and did some damage. I have been in pain ever since - of course now trying physical therapy again and it has helped some - pain gone on right and only pain on left when overdoing it.

I know this is long

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