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Today I see the pulmonary doc finally, for the serious breathing problems that have continued since the surgery [ACDF C5-6,6-7 5/19/03]. Every time I move I start wheezing and try to catch my breath. Even sitting still I wheeze and need to take deep breaths. I hope these issues are just temporary so my neck can heal and I can move on.

After all my 'episodes' I'm finally feeling knocked down. I've never lost hope but admit I'm coming close. All of us know how physical issues change us. A few weeks ago I had to fill out Social Security Disability forms that required my husband to answer questions. The question was regarding how these issues had changed the person – he said that she HAD been vital and independent…I know that’s an accurate statement but it really hit me.

Time to go to doctors. Later.

1968 Chronic pain since car accident - fractured neck and back vertebrae, broken ribs, concussion
1968 ‘Bells Palsy’ - on/off for over 30 years - now considered facial nerve damage
1976 Fibromyalgia (fibrosis then) diagnosed chronic pain
1984 Back surgery – Laminectomy L4-5, 5-6
1993 Car accident 1993 Breast Cancer
1995 Breast Cancer again
1995 Car accident - rear ended neck problems increased
2000 Total Hysterectomy
2002 Stroke due to brain lesion left temporal
2002 Craniotomy - left temporal Cavernous Malformation
2003 5/19/03 Emergency Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion and Plating C5-6 and C6-7
NS said more neck surgery would be needed

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