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I am post 17 days now after ACDF C6-7 with allograft and titanium plate. Was doing better and then on day 15, started having increased pain in left shoulder, upper scapula pain, neck pain on left side up to ear.
Radiating pain between shoulder to elbow or elbow to hand. Still very weak left arm and can't hold a magazine or newspaper very long without extreme pain. Watching lots of movies and walking 2-4 times a day 30-60 minutes each time. Had ACDF C6-7 for herniation with more compression and spinal cord involvement than was seen on MRI. NS was surprised by how much compression there was. She said dura bounced right back though.
Are my symptoms to be expected? Is it just muscle spasms and how long should I wait before being very concerned? How long will this last?

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