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Recent MRI of cervical spine and lower brain. I have C1M and will be scheduling a date for surgery next week. Based on symptoms, NS wants to wait on the cervical spine and deal with the Chiari first. Which works for me as I have few symptoms due to disc problems and a boatload of headaches from chiari. I'm assuming there is not need to even think about surgery for the DD when symptoms aren't bad enough? Weird tho -- they used to be worse and now much better..but the DD has gotten worse! Not sure how this can be - anyone else have symptoms at one point and then they've gone away or lessened? I do get numbness in my right hand when I sleep in a certain way and have issues with both thumbs - and have a lot of leg pain. But not sure if the leg pain is from compression issues with Chiari or not. Can't wait to have this surgery and see what symptoms go away.

1. Chiari malformation with 12 mm cerebellar tonsil ectopia and some
kinking of the cervical medullary junction. Similar appearance to June
2. Cervical spondylitic changes. Moderate to advanced changes C5-C6
and C6-C7. C6-C7 demonstrates moderate edema at the endplates. Canal
stenosis both levels, greater at C5-C6.
3. C3-C4-left facet arthropathy and moderate left foraminal stenosis.
4. C4-C5-mild anterolisthesis. Left facet arthropathy and left
foraminal stenosis.
5. C5-C6- moderate to advanced spondylosis. Mild edema. Moderate
canal and right foraminal stenosis.
6. C6-C7-moderate to advanced changes. Moderate endplate edema. Canal
stenosis and mild to moderate foraminal stenosis.

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