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I contacted Dr. Jho's office by phone. His assistant is listed on his web site. Her name is Robin. She asked me to send my MRI and the radiologist report to Dr. Jho. He called me only a couple days after he received the MRI.

I was interested to hear how he would approach my situation. He is proposing two surgeries. The first surgery would be on the right side of my neck, C3/4,4/5 and 5/6. I have the most damage there and according to my symptoms, this is my biggest problem. However, I do have a large herniation and bone spur on my left side at C6/7. If I continue to have significant symptoms, the second surgery on the left would be performed. Like you, I was not excited about the two surgeries, but he explained that he could not operate on both sides of my neck at the same time.

I am optimistic to hear that he feels that his patients are able to return to there previous level of activity, even if they were pretty athletic before the injury. He also feels that my work on the computer is the worst thing for my neck, so I will need to watch that in the future.

You are not going to like this next part. He is booked for surgery into DECEMBER! I almost cried when I heard this (I guess I actually did, later). I called Robin and begged to be moved up. She is discussing this with Dr. Jho (who said that they would try to get me in right away) and will call me back. I am trying to figure out how my Neurosurgery procedure would somehow be moved in front of someone else. I will let you know if my pleading works. So far I have tried the following: young healthy woman, anxious to return to work and physical activity, most likely a good outcome for your studies, how often do you get to do 3 levels or possibly 4, you are in my PPO network -so you will get paid right away, I can fly to Pittsburgh right away - have airline credit from vacation I had to cancel due to my neck... you get the picture.

It sounds like we are both looking at this the same way. I am first going to try the minimally invasive techniques and hope to avoid a fusion of my entire neck. I would really love to get back to trail running, and Dr. Jho thinks that this is possible. If it doesn't work, at least I gave it my best shot!


C3-4 through C6-7 disc herniations, three with cord contact.
C2-C7 Severe right facet degneration with significant forminal stenosis.
C5-6 & C6-7 Severe spondylosis

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