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its me again- i can not sleep as the pain in my right sdie from the neck metal hardware is killing me. i took something for it but cant sleep on my right or left side ayways. honestly i think i am going to have the metal taken out as soon as one year is up ...i understand that is how long it takes for the bone to mature. i quit wearing the electronic bone stimulator after nearly 6 months. the first 4 months i was told that i wore it incorrectly on top of my head and not where it was supposed to be down around the base of my neck at c 5-6-7. the docotr said i was radiating the bone to grow in my brain? when i had the operation the guy came around from orthofix to sell me this thing and i was so doped up i was not paying attention to how he show it to me to put it on and there was not illustration in the booklet for cervical use. it showed everything else pictures but not cervical use. my flaked out n/s the one eho quit her practice told me my mri and xray showed it fusing k and not to worry but since i went for another consult, i wonder if she really told me the truth anyways. do any of you folks out there have to wear this electrical bone stimulator? my insurance was billed 4,500 dollars for me to have it and now that i am done with it i can give it away if guess since i dont need it anymore i think. i have this constant reminder of all this metal in my neck. i think i am going to have a nervous breakdown soon and go to the funny farm for some R & R in ny. the place a four winds in saratoga i hear is a nice place to go, you know real yuppie style nuerotics not the hard core psycho types like jason or micheal myers. perhaps they can fix my mind up as i seem to be losing it............have a nice day to all

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