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Re: My NS visit
Aug 8, 2003
more~ That is a wonderful idea of doing the exercises in the shower, but...I have to wear a collar while in the shower too. I replace the miami j with a philadelphia collar for showering(one half at a time, never with full neck exposed). Of course now I can remove the collar for the whole 2 minutes it takes me to do the exercises, but not in the shower.

Carla~either my NS was reading here or he saw the nutcracker sticking out of my pocket! I was ready to show him so real pain.



March,2003~started with muscle spasms, shoulder pain, arm pain
Perscribed muscle relaxers
a week later prescribed steroids, sent to PT, and for MRI which showed 3 bulging discs C3-4, C4-5, C5-6
May2003~2nd course of steroids, numbing, tingling in arm and fingers,nerve pain and headaches, stopped PT(due to worsening of symptoms), had EMG which showed nothing irregular
May2003~appt w/neurosurgeon, sent for myleogram which showed herniation at C5-6 with nerve compression,DDD,arthritis in spine
June30,2003~ACDF with fusion using donor bone, no hardware
presently losing my mind from doing absolutely nothing~

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