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hi kids

i'm new to this forum and after battling with doctors about an unidentified illness i think i may have narrowed it down to my neck. i'd like to hear what all of you have to say about this. i'll be thankful for any replies.

In March of this year i suddenly had a "black-out" but not quite. It was sort of like a hot-flash that radiated from the center of my back up to the base of my skull. scared me half to death! i thought i was having a stroke or anurism(sp?). after that the hotflashes came and went from weeks. the last one i had was about 2 months ago.

after the initial hot-flash/black-out i've had this spaced out feeling, like i'm living in a dream. it is constant and very debilitating. i'm always unsure of my self. it gets bad enough that i actually have to touch things in a room to make sure i'm there, just to reasure myself. it's complete cognitive loss. i'm also slightly dizzy at all times and have wicked heahaches that last for days, mainl behind my eyes and in my temples.

i've seen every doctor in existance. all of them tried diognosing me with an anxiety disorder, and for a while i believed them until i got a second opinion from a GP and found out that my resting heart rate was 130/bt/min. he sent me to an ENT who was not help at all.

i found health boards and have been to the inner ear board alot because everyone there can understand the congnitive loss, ear pain and tennitus. i then found out i have a TMj disorder and my dentist noticed that my back was crooked and sent me for orthitics, who then sent me to a chiropractor only to dicover i have moderate scoliosis. he also notice my C1 has shifted left, alot! and may be impacting my spinal cord and base of my brain.

his theory is that the hotflashes were the innitial slips of the C1 and my cognitive loss is some damage to the nevers that surround it. it makes sense in my head but i haven't really had time to research this yet. i've done some reading on things like Cervico-encephalic syndrome and whiplash complications and all complain of the same things as me. the only problem is i was never in any form of an accident or trauma.

please help if you can. i've been like this for over 5 months and it really been getting to me. i miss my life. thanx and sorry for such a long post.


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