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Lori, My operarion was done anterior with iliac crest, what ever that means, they cut me on my left side about 2" below bellybutton level, incision about 12" long then they pushed or pulled out all my innerds out did discectomy , took chip of my hip and put it in (without metal) and it's been 8 mo. and still no fusion cause I think I still have infection present. MY hip hurts bad when I try to lay on that side. If I do fall asleep on that side I am in pain all the next day. I can't sleep on back because of constant stabbing myofacial pain behind left shoulder blade( I think that started in my first round of PT during traction) Stomach is out cause I can't breath so right side is my only option and that hurts a lot worse since operation, I gained 50 pounds since I got hurt in nov-02 and that is no good for my back but how can I exersice except walking,since I still have 2 bad discs L-4-5 and L-5-S-1. When I was on IV antibiotics this last time after operation via pic line, I either pushed a blood clot or air bubble thru my heart and had to be rushed to hospitalaaa and was in intensive care for 3 days on oxygen. Every time I took off mask and tried to breathe without Oxygen the alarm would sound because my blood oxygen level dropped below 80. I have been short of breath since, any little thing can wear me out,especially steps an bathroom and bedroom are upstairs plus we have a basement and my 11 year old rottweiller does the step thing better than me!!!! Sorry so long but I needed to vent. Thanks for listening,Good Luck and God Bless, LS


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