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Hi Holly,

I too was sent for a brain MRI, in Oct 2002, because of facial pins and needles (at least that's how I described it to the docs). It was usually only on the right side of my face but more recently my nose on occasion as well and muscle twitching around the eye and or eyelid and or jaw line which was occurring almost daily to varying degrees. The last few months it hasnít been happening too often. This has been going on since June of last year. Oh...and at the time I was not on any meds. My neuro said the MRI showed nothing that could be causing my facial symptoms, and kinda left it at that. He has not looked into it any further. As you can see by my signature below, I do have some cervical problems. I tend to feel that this is the cause...but then what do I know. Please keep us posted....I am curios to see what your neuro says...this has kinda been a worry for me as well...I donít think Iíve been much help but at least know youíre not alone.

Take Care, :wave:

[*]SeptĎ63,fall on back on stairs,compression fractures of T6 and T8
[*]1993 X-ray Diagnosed DDD
[*]Nov,2002 MRI C4-C5 posterior osteophytic bar effacing ventral thecal sac, stenosis of neural foramina.C5-C6 posterior disc protrusion effacing VTS. Stenosis of neural foramina.C6-C7 posterior disc herniation effacing VTS.stenosis of neural foramina.C7-T1perineural cysts in both neural foramina.left convex scoliosis mid thoracic spine.wedging of T7. wedging of T5.degen.end plate changes at T8-T9. L4-L5 diffuse disc bulge effacing VTS.hypertrophy of facet joints,central spinal stenosis.L5-S1 posterior disc protrusion with associated tear of annulus fibrosis. hypertrophy of facet joints.S1-S2 Perineural cysts involving S1-S2 nerve roots.
[*]So far have tried: meds,physio,acupuncture all to no avail.

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