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I'm new the this site. I'm not sure how message boards work never been on one before.
I woke up in the end of April my neck was hurting, I thought I slept on it wrong or pulled a muscle or something. I dealt with the pain until the end of May when the pain in my neck and shoulder started to become more painful and I had pain shooting down my arm and if I moved my arm, my arm and hand would turn purple. I finally decided to see the doctoe, he sent me for a MRI put me on pain killers and steriods and muscle relaxers. I had the MRI done the same day as seeing him. The doctor called my the next day and told me to see and neurosurgeon. I called and made and appointment for the neurosurgeon, He got me in the next day. He said I had a herniated disk in C4 and C5 was bulging, he said I need surgery to remove the disks and that they would put bone and plate and screws in, they were going to go though my throat. (My mother had this surgery done 6 or 8 years ago she had the same problem). So I said ok to have the surgery, I had to do something the pain was horrible, my blood pressure went up (because of the pain) 178/105, when I took the pain killers it went down to almost normal. Anyway, I agreed to the surgery and he made the appointment for surgery 3 days later. I made a point to tell him that I'm allergic to surgical steel, I can wear necklaces and bracelets but it can not be in mefor a long period of time, I can have blood drawn and IV's for short periods of time but thats it. The doctor said not to worry they use titanium for the plates and screws. I asked what are the chance of my being allergic to titanium, He said slim chance but it could happen. I think he rushed me into having the surgery, I had the surgery on May 27, 2003. Since the surgery I have been getting better, I get headaches and some pain in my neck and back of the head, I get light headed and dizzy spells and my legs get weak, these were all starting to subsiding some. I saw the doctor in July and had an xray takin everything was looking fine. The end of last week, I started getting the pain in my back of the head and the upper part of my neck more, the headaches are horrible now, I have been running a low grade fever since the early part of this week at least that when I noticed it, I also have gottin a numbing feeling in the upper part of my neck and lower back part of my head, they don't go away unless I take a pain killer, the pain killers aren't completely take the pain away but at least I can deal with it. Something isn't right, so I saw the doctor on Wednesday this week, He say he doesn't understand why I'm getting worse now, so he sent me to have xrays takin again, I had the xrays takin on Wednesday to. He said he would call me and let me know what the results are in the evening. Well needless to say I haven't hear from him. Today I called the office and he's not in so I have to see him on Monday.
My question is, is this normal to be getting better then just go down like this? I scared that if I have and infection caused by the titanium I'm in trouble. The xrays I had taken on Wednesday won't show if there is an infection unless it is extremely severe and in the bone.
I a pretty strong person, I can deal with a lot of pain, but this is horrible. I didn't expect that all the pain would just disappear right after surgery, I knew it would take time, that I would have good days and bad days, but this isn't just a ad day this one is continueing. I try to be very careful with everything I do, I try not to do to much. The doctor said I could go back to work 6-8 weeks after surgery, now he is say another month or 2 before I can go back.

Is all this normal?

Thank you for let me rambling on, I don't mean to complain.

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