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Hi Peggy~ :wave:
It seems that I am having just about the same trouble as you. I am 6 weeks post op and now my legs, knees ,ankles have pain and swelling and my lower back hurts like heck. My PCP wants me to get an MRI of the brain, but since I am still in my collar, she has me going for a CT scan tomorrow. She also mentioned MS, but said not to be worried. It is something they must check for when your legs are involved in the pain.(worried?...who me?...) Anyway, I am pretty disgusted over this whole thing, but will just have to wait and see. My best to you and please keep me posted~



March,2003~started with muscle spasms, shoulder pain, arm pain
Perscribed muscle relaxers
a week later prescribed steroids, sent to PT, and for MRI which showed 3 bulging discs C3-4, C4-5, C5-6
May2003~2nd course of steroids, numbing, tingling in arm and fingers,nerve pain and headaches, stopped PT(due to worsening of symptoms), had EMG which showed nothing irregular
May2003~appt w/neurosurgeon, sent for myleogram which showed herniation at C5-6 with nerve compression,DDD,arthritis in spine
June30,2003~ACDF with fusion using donor bone, no hardware(C5-6)
presently losing my mind from doing absolutely nothing~

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