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I had my ACDF May 8th. I use Vitamin E Oil out of the bottle. So far, I am amazed at the healing process! It is hardly noticable! I'd like to have my doctor due some lasar on mine as well, but may not need it in a year or two. I have a funny story about this. The day after my surgery the nurse took off my collar, and said "My your incision looks wonderful!" I was told by my doctor that it would only be "just a tiny incision". I aksed the nurse how big it was, and she replied, "Oh, only about an inch and a half long." Well, by this time, I had so much morphine in my system, along with 2 hours of sleep, and I lost it! I started crying and saying, "He lied to me! He said it would only be a tiny incision!" The nurse came in and said he didn't lie to you, and it won't show because he did it in a "creased" area. I replied, "but I don't have any creases yet!" Anyway, about 5 minutes later, I came to my senses, and realized that I was so overwrought from the surgery. (I wasn't REALLY crying about the incision :) - at my follow up appointment, the nurse told me that I was the only patient she has ever had the "wigged out" on her about the incision. I suppose some vaniety came into play....but all in all he did do a great job on the incision...Vitamin E Oil!

ACDF C-5-6 donor bone plate BGS 6 months
MRI lower lumbar next week
My mother had this surgery 9 yrs ago or so and she use vitamin E, If you look real close after she points it out to you, you will kind of see it. Her healed up real nice.

As for me, I use an aloe cream I got from a funeral home. This stuff is pretty good it help cuts heal quicker, and a great moisterizer for the skin, bug bite (takes the itching a way). This has worked great for my son, if he gets bitin by a mosquito he get very large welts, it noramlly will take a good week, week and a half or more to heal, with this aloe cream if I put it on him at some point after he is bitin, with in a few hours there is only a little red spot that will be gone in 24 hours. I has also work on his eczma(mispelled) he use to get it real bad and I tryed everything the Dr. told me to, but nothing worked. Until I got this aloe cream, It took about 1 week to heal it up and now if I notice it starting to come back I put some on, He hasn't suffered from it since and it been about 2 yrs now.

I didn't start use the aloe cream until the begining of July, I didn't want to take a chance of infection after the Dr. took the tape off, The end of June I was getting an infection on both of the ends of the incision where the stitches under the skin were coming out. After the Dr. pulled on it several times and ended up cutting the end stitches out, the infection started healing quicker. Once the infection started clearing up, I then put the aloe cream on. In the middle of the incision, the scar is fading quickly.

You can't buy this cream in a store though. My mother found out about it from a funeral director. Everyone in my family and alot of our friends swear by this stuff.


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